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Pirate Athletics

Pagosa Springs High School


Pirate Athletics

Pagosa Springs High School

Pirate Athletics

Pagosa Springs High School

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7 months ago @ 11:42AM


All student-athletes and a parent /guardian must create an account on ArbiterAthlete prior to participating in sports at Pagosa Springs High School.  There are 2 ways to do this: 

Visit (best method)


Text S41032 to 69274

All participation forms that require a parent and/or athlete signature are housed on this site and will now require digital signatures rather than hard copies of the forms.  Pleaes note that some forms require initials, some require full name signatures, and some require you to open and read a document before you can do either. 

Linking Accounts

The student-athlete's account and the parent/guardians account will need to be linked ( will walk you through this) so that each person can digitally sign the forms.  A parent/guardian cannot approve any forms until the student-athlete has created his/her account and the accounts have been linked. 

As this is a new system, and all new systems have a learning curve, please begin this process early so that it can be completed well in advance of your sport season. All forms will need to be completed and approved  when the student comes in to receive a blue permit-to-play card.  Only those athletes who have completed all of the forms online will be eligible to receive a blue permit-to-play card, and therefore, be eligible to practice on August 6th. 

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