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1 year ago @ 6:47AM

Return To Play Guidelines-Stage 1







Archuleta School District 50 JT (ASD) will follow San Juan Basin Public Health, NFHS, and SMAC (Sports Medicine Committee) Guidelines for opening high school athletics and activities.  The primary objective for Stage 1 is personal interaction and strength & conditioning.  All summer participation is strictly voluntary. 

All dates and procedures below are target and subject to change, contingent on keeping the spread of COVID-19 at a manageable level in our community. 

Stage 1 Dates: June 15 - June 26 (minimum). Reassessment will occur when new guidelines are released by the state and/or upon the 2 week conclusion of Stage 1. 

Guidelines were taken from the CHSAA/NFHS guidelines for safe “Return to Conditioning – Return to Play” procedures and follow the June 1 and June 5 Executive Orders by Governor Polis and the recommendations listed on the website of the Colorado Department of Health & Environment.  


  • Social distancing per local health agency guidelines must be adhered to during all sessions. 

    • Minimum distance of 6 feet between participants.

  • Face coverings are required indoors for both coaches and participants (face coverings may be removed while performing high intensity exercises that make wearing a face covering not practical or safe, but need to be worn all other times).

    • Coaches and participants must provide their own masks.  Any masks left behind at the school facility will immediately be discarded.  

  • Indoors and outdoors there may be up to 25 participants (excluding coaches) in the area doing the same activity. The weight room is an exception and will be limited to 10 participants (excluding coaches) at any given time. 

  • Coaches and participants will be screened prior to each session using the NFHS Coach Monitoring Checklist (temperature checks, COVID-19 general health questions). 

    • If a participant has symptoms or answers yes, coaches will contact parents and the student will not be allowed to participate or stay for the activity. 

    • This will assist at contact tracing during Stage 1.

    • Attendance will be taken and kept on file, for all sessions. 

    • Each participant will receive a copy of the COVID-19 Warning page.

    • Athletes who are late and miss screening will not participate that day. 

  • All participants must have a personal water bottle. No team jugs or water fountains may be used.  Water fountains will be covered. 

  • Signage will be displayed in highly-visible areas that emphasizes the risk of COVID-19

  • All coaches and participants enter through the main entrance each day and will exit through the commons exit by the kitchen.  Mingling is discouraged by anyone.

  • No use of locker rooms or shower facilities. Coaches and participants should report to sessions dressed to participate and immediately depart after training.

  • Use of restrooms will be limited to one student at-a-time with mandatory handwashing.

  • Restrooms will be sanitized daily by custodians. 

  • All other areas will be sanitized by the coach prior to participants entering and again after participants exit. 

  • All participants and staff will wash hands both prior to and after the activity. 

  • Weight room (or personal equipment in the weight room) will be the only equipment used during Stage 1. No other shared equipment, including but not limited to: (balls, bats, clubs, rackets, sleds, helmets, masks, etc.). 

  • Participants/Parents/Guardians need to ensure that all clothing worn to workouts will be laundered between practice sessions

  • Upon return home, participants are encouraged to shower and wash workout clothes immediately.

  • Spectators (parents, media, non-participating students, etc.) or non-essential individuals will not be allowed to attend or observe sessions, including any unapproved “volunteer coaches”.

  • Sessions should not be scheduled with outside groups. It is important that the school environment remain controlled and monitored.

  • Access will be limited to parts of the building that are necessary. Only 1 set of restrooms will be used during Stage 1.NO LOCKER ROOM access in Stage 1.

    • PSHS Gym

    • PSHS Practice Fields

    • PSHS Weight Room

    • PSHS Wrestling Gym



  • One user per station. 

  • Safety bars for weight training are recommended during a weight training session in order to meet all social distancing guidelines.

  • Weight room equipment will be wiped down between each participant’s use and the entire area will be sanitized by the coach after the group is finished. 

  • Exercises that require a spotter will not be allowed.

On June 9, administrators will meet with coaches to review all guidelines and procedures and address any questions or concerns. All coaches running sessions will be required to add sessions to the master schedule at least 3 days prior to the session.  Those same coaches are responsible for the thermometers and maintain accurate records outlined in the guidelines above.

Coaches are asked to maintain contact with PSHS Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, Marcie Ham, should additional issues, questions, or situations arise.

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